Enjoyable Seafood from Adriatic Sea

Who we are ?

S-Maris is brand under Infinitas International j.d.o.o. specialize in trade, distribution of fresh and frozen fish and seafood. We supply restaurants, hotels, caterers, fish markets and other retailers around Europe and Wordwide.

Currently the trade and distribution of frozen seafood and fish is our primary activity. If you are interested in any product from this kind of assortment, please contact us.  We have well established supply chain management for sefood & fish.

Why work with us?

S-Maris supplies fresh fish & seafood directly from Croatian’s fishermens and Adriatic sea. We work with top quality seafood &  fish from the cleanest sea in the World. Try and taste it.

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Dragana Lisice Take, 1

M-F: 09:00am-5:00pm
Sa: 09:00 am-3:00pm
Su Closed. Phone available.

Product categories

Fresh products

We process any edible fish product available on the marketplace.

Our offer depends of your country (transport).

Fish farming products

We guess you will like it.

We have selected a limited number of fish farms that certify and guarantee that their products are raised as naturally as possible.

Frozen products

We know everything
about seafood.

We give preference to selling fish products caught and processed immediately at sea by specialised Factory Ships equipped with the most modern technologies to guarantee a truly high-quality product.

Meet the client needs

Why to choose us ?

The specific know-how our company has acquired over the years can be summarised in the following points:

• Selection of the best sources of supply and raw materials

• Constant monitoring during all processing stages

• Application of protocols and self-control plans (HACCP) by the office-quality internal

Create perfect correspondence between supply and demand.

What we do ?

S-Maris creates a perfect correspondence between supply and demand of frozen food items and enables international producers to:

• Reach a wide and established network of selected and reliable customers all over the whole European territory

• Inderstand deeply the dynamics and particularities of the Italian market and their impact on market performances

• Identify characteristis and specifications of products mainly requested by the croatian market

• Helping them in the management of their already existing client package improving the affirmation of their product in the most suitable markets

• Research also innovative solutions for us and of our clients as well, trusting so much the new technologies as the winning tools to compete in any market

• If you are a supplier, we can represent your company and promote your products on national and international level rising your sales volume

• Create an export dpt in your company managing your existing foreign clients ‘portfolio and opening and researching you new markets

What our clients say about us

Fabulous and tastefull bream. We order large quantities for our supply chain. Great company to work with. Delivery on time.

Hans S.Sales executive

Great company to cooperate with. Fresh and really taste fish. We adore it.  Highly recommended for HORECA channels.

Mirko G.Product manager

Great seafood products! Fresh, quick, very delicious. Our client like it. Doing business with S-Maris was on time and highly very professional.

Thomas A.CEO

Feel the taste of Adriatic sea.