Our Transportation Services

  • Guaranteed delivery on time: Our vehicles posess the latest in refrigerated transport technology which ensure you fresh and fast delivery at you location.
  • Real-time tracking 
    We provide you real-time tracking information to put your delivery under control.
  • Countries we transport: Andora, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Croatia, Italy, Luxemburg, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland and many more.
  • Transport that maintain the temperature
    Our vehicles are able to reach temperature -20 C.
  • Fast & Fresh delivery on time
  • Secure delivery with state of art vehicles

Sales and logistics

Our current markets

Besides the quality of fish our competitive advantage is quick delivery within 12-48 hours. We deliver our products to Andora, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Croatia, Luxemburg, Hungary, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain.

Our competitive advantage

  • Fast delivery to target markets
  • Daily catch of fish
  • Established traceability system

S-Maris on fishmongers

According to our retail chains in Croatia and Europe you can find and taste our fish on fishmongers in Croatia and worldwide. You will be served with large selection of fresh fish, delis and shellfish from Adriatic Sea.

Enjoy the taste!

Find out appropriate taste for you